"The Truman Show" and "Some like it hot"

"Please don't kill me" is my default answer when people wonder how come in my 25 years of life I haven't watched some movies that are considered all-time classics. But I'm trying to catch up, so I can scratch two comedies off my list of pending movies: The Truman Show and Some like it hot.

The Truman Show

Truman Burbank lives an ordinary life in the small Seahaven Island. He is unaware, however, that he is being watched by millions of people all around the world, as his life is actually a reality show and Seahaven Island is actually a huge film set. He starts wondering if something is wrong when mysterious things start to happen around him and people start acting weird, especially after he sees a man who looks a lot like his father, who drowned at sea when Truman was a kid (also, since this accident Truman is terrified of water and he cannot leave the island because of his phobia). And then there's the mysterious Lauren or Sylvia. Who is she really and what was she talking about when Truman was a college student?

In 2013 there probably are no TV channels left that do not air some sort of reality show, whether it be a Big Brothel Brother kind of thing or a talent show. It seems like people are willing to have their moment of fame and glory on the little screen no matter what the cost is. But they are conscious of it and do it after accepting the terms and conditions.

That is not the case with Truman Burbank. His life was destined for TV since the moment the producer chose him, an unwanted child, as his experimental subject. I'm pretty sure there are lots of articles on the ethics of doing that (the film was released in 1998, they've had 15 years to say a lot on the topic) and, despite the fact that The Truman Show is a comedy, there is a certain drama to the whole situation in the background. If you haven't seen it yet, please stop reading and go watch this movie.

Some like it hot

Joe and Jerry are two musicians in a big band in prohibition-era Chicago, in 1929. One night they witness the murders of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre and they leave the city towards Florida desguised as women musicians of an all-girls band. There, they become friends with the hot Sugar Kane and they (obviously) fall for her. Can they run away from the gangsters and manage not to be discovered in their disguises?

Although I was a bit confused with the gangster part at the beginning (and I didn't really know about St. Valentine's Day Massacre, I read that afterwards in IMDB), I really liked this comedy. I can understand now why Marilyn Monroe was so popular and why she has also been considered a bimbo (she really nailed the role of the bimbo). The cross-dressing was funny (I still wonder how Josephine and Daphne were never caught xD), and so was the resolution. A very enjoyable film overall.