Silver Linings Playbook

Normally, around February and March, right before the Oscar Awards ceremony, I like to watch as much of the nominated films (especially those nominated for Best Picture). However, going to the cinema weekly is not that compatible with my very tight budget, so I sometimes wait until I can stream them online with decent quality or rent them or sometimes even get on DVD for an acceptable price.

I watched the trailer for Silver Linings Playbook when it was still in cinemas and Jennifer Lawrence was already the proud owner of an Oscar for Best Actress. I wasn't that convinced but I was curious to see if Jennifer Lawrence deserved the award, so I finally saw it last weekend.

Pat spends eight months in a mental hospital, diagnosed with a bipolar disorder after he beat his wife's lover when he caught the two of them together in the shower. He tries to lead a normal life, living at his parents' home, in order to get Nikki, his wife, back. Enter Tiffany, widowed sister-in-law of a friend of Pat's, who offers to help him by giving Nikki a letter if he will be her dance partner at a dance competition.

I think we cannot classify this movie as a drama nor as a romantic comedy. It has a bit of everything. Slice of life? The main thing is that it works: the characters, with their flaws and everything, are quite well built. Their reactions to the situations they find themselves in are natural.

Did it deserve the Best Picture award? No. Is it fair that Jennifer Lawrence won Best Actress? I can't judge that because I haven't seen all the other nominees, but I wasn't that impressed. Don't get me wrong, all actors are great in this film, but I think the film is, overall, overrated. However, it's a good watch, it has funny moments, it has touching moments, it might even get you thinking about life and love.