Dragons, barbarians, beasts, and other magical creatures

In today's entry we're going to look at five animated films that I've watched this year (some for the first time, one for the thousandth time): Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, How to train your dragon, Despicable Me, and Ronal the Barbarian.

Beauty and the Beast

Let the video tell you what the story is about (and please enjoy the music):

Although this movie is more than 20 years old by now, it's a Disney classic. Actually, from the so-called Disney renaissance of the 1990's, I think it's the one that's grown old the best and, no doubt, my favorite. The characters (except the prince's design as a human -eww-), the music (oh, the music!), even the animation, are great. I think all kids should see this.


Disney's first 3D princess? The story is based on the fairy tale of Rapunzel, the princess that was locked in a tower and could be rescued when she let her very long hair down and a prince climbed up the tower. In this version, the prince is more of a thief/con-artist and Rapunzel is a big-eyed naive creature that, like all Disney princesses, wishes for more. It's a cute movie altogether and the sidekicks are pretty funny, but the romance and especially the songs are meh.

How to train your dragon

Hiccup is the son of one of the bravest warriors of his dragon-killing Viking tribe, but he is more of a weakling. He actually always screws up whenever he tries to help if dragons attack the village. The only way he thinks he can prove himself worthy of his clan is by killing one of the most powerful and dangerous dragons. But he is not the only one surprised to find out that maybe dragons are not as evil as the vikings have always thought. 

The movie is sweet and enjoyable but predictable, it's been done a thousand times before. Still, it's worth watching.

Despicable me

Gru is a supervillain, but his reputation is going down because of Vector, so he designs a plan to steal the moon. And for such purpose he adopts three little girls who will not accept that Gru misses his duties as a foster parent and their after-school activities.

Why hadn't I seen this before, you ask? Because I was afraid it would be like the Shrek sequels, and boy was I wrong. The world needs more Gru. Enough said.

Ronal the Barbarian

Ronal doesn't look a lot like a barbarian, he's not strong and overmanly... So he's considered a loser amongst his fellow tribemen and women. His chance to prove that he's as good as anyone else comes when all of the barbarians are captured by an evil wizzard.

First of all: this is an animated film but it's not for little children, this is not your Danish version of How to train your dragon. Barbarians wearing strings, sex-hungry amazones, ambiguous sexual orientations... Not as predictable as it seemed at first sight.