Pending film reviews of 2012 (III)

Let's finish this with the films I watched on DVD. They are listed by genres because why the fuck not? And they appear in chronological order. Be warned, long post.

Films that I watched on DVD
(part 1: comedies/romantic comedies) 

Bridget Jones's Diary and Bridget Jones: the Edge of Reason

I love Bridget Jones. The films and the book are some of my guilty pleasures (even though I feel no guilt nor remorse). Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, British humour, a well-built love triangle, a relatable female character. Need I say more? (I like the second part better, by the way. A movie about what happens after the couple ends up together, OMG!).

Love Actually

My Christmas season guilty pleasure. I never get tired of watching this movie because of the little stories that one could only watch when Christmas is all around (otherwise you might have to run to the hospital for insuline shots). I don't like all stories the same, though: the one with Alan Rickman and the one with the little boy are the ones I like the least, and I have mixed feelings with the love triangle involving Keira Knightley.

No Strings Attached

A romantic comedy about "sex buddies" or "friends with benefits" that could have been something innovative, something fresh, something interesting. But, unfortunately, there is no chemistry between the main couple to begin with, and did we really have to go for the typical ending? A shame.

Mean Girls

I didn't see this at the cinema when it was released because I was leaving my teenage years behind and expected something along the lines of every other American Pie-kind of movie out there. But, for what it is, it's not that bad. The ending is way too perfect, though: it would never happen in real life.

Never Been Kissed

This was probably one of the first romantic comedies I ever saw after I started to grow boobs, and I kind of liked the love story, I guess (what, I also went through the "impressionable teenage girl" fase). I somehow ended up seeing this more than ten years later and... No, sorry, I'm not buying any of it.

Shakespeare in Love

A "what-if" story involving William Shakespeare and the writing and premiere of Romeo and Juliet. As they say in Italian, si non è vero, è ben trovato.

Thelma and Louise

A bro-mance with female characters! Why don't we get more of these? (And yes, young Brad Pitt *insert drool here*.  That was a hot guy, not your everyday Edward Cullen).


I saw this before Borat, which probably was a bad idea, and knowing that both films are mockumentaries, which took part of the fun away. I was sincerely disappointed, I expected something completely different and actually funny.


I fell asleep during the second half and, even knowing that it was a mockumentary, I think there's a line between funny and offensive. And I didn't find Borat half as fun as it had been promised to me.

Eine ganz heisse Nummer

A German film! A Bavarian film, actually, in Bavarian dialect for the most part. Thank Saint Jerome that we have audiovisual translators that syncronize subtitles, otherwise I would have missed most of the dialogue (although, in my defense, I must say living in Salzburg helps, as the dialects are not that different). Three women need money to save their little shop in a Bavarian town and the easiest and fastest way they can think of is an erotic hotline. Entertaining and funny for the most part. Also, thank you, director of the movie, for making that ending possible, and not what I'd feared.

Sommer in orange

Another Bavarian film, this time about a group of hippies of a specific "sect" that only wears orange clothing that moves from Berlin to a farm in Bavaria in the 80s. There, they only find that the townsfolk don't accept their way of living. This is not an easy situation for Lili, who decides to start looking "traditional" so that kids at school accept her as a friend. A nice comedy (thanks to subtitlers again).


Watching your first Wes Anderson film is a somewhat difficult to describe experience. Is it because I didn't know what to expect? I was surprized because it is not a conventional film, and I quite liked it, even though it left a strange feeling at the end. 

The Darjeeling Limited

I liked this movie better than Rushmore, probably because the story has more of a plotline, or maybe because I a good road trip. Or maybe because I was slightly reminded of my own on-the-road experiences. 

Moonrise Kingdom

A lovely weird story about first love and how far we're willing to go for it. My only problem is that I would have liked our modern-day Romeo and Juliet to be a slight bit older, but other than that, I have no compaints.